Introduction: Beethoven's 9th on Flute ( Not for BEGINNERS)

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Hello today I will teach you how to play Beethoven's 9th on the flute, This song is in 4/4

,"-" Mark half notes "^" Mark quarter notes If all of them are one type of note the only one that isn't will be only marked

There are no slurs or ties

Step 1: Notes You Will Need to Know( I Will Also Teach Them)

You will need to know the notes:

D natural

E flat- In the song marked as E

F natural


B flat

Step 2: D Natural

So in this step I will teach how to play a D natural: 2 fingers are placed down on your left hand shown in picture 1 and 2 where they are placed, The thumb is also placed picture 2 shows where. The right hand placement is shown in pictures 3

Step 3: E Flat

Placement for left hand is shown in pictures 1 and 2, Right hand is 3

Step 4: F Natural

Left: pictures 1 and 2
Right: Picture 3

Step 5: C

Left: picture 1

Right: picture 2

Step 6: B Flat

Left: Pictures 1 and 2
Right: picture 3

Step 7: The Song Lines 1 and 2

D D E F F E D C B B C D C- B
D D E F F E D C B B C D D- C-
D D E F F E D C B B C D C- B-
4 beats of rest C E D C B C F-
D D E F F E D C B B C D C- B
9 beats of rest
D D E F 2 beats of rest B B C D 2 beats of rest
D D E F F E D C B B C D C- B 1 beat rest
C- D B C E D B C E D C E D C B C F-D D E F
F E D C B B C D C- B 1 note rest B one note rest B one note rest B for 4 notes

Step 8: Thanks You

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