Introduction: Beetlejuice Tombstone

I wanted to make a "Life size" version of the tombstone as seen in the iconic movie.

Step 1: The "Ghouls"

I studied the movie. I made my ghouls with a wire body, tape, newspaper, and a plastic skull from the dollar store. Then, I posed them according to the movie

Step 2: The Stone

Next, I used a 2 inch insulating foam board for my tombstone. I doubled the board and cut it out with a hot knife .I used Great Stuff to hold it together. I then used an additional foam board to engrave the Beetlejuice name into the foam using a wood burning tool. Then more great stuff to hold it in place.

Step 3: Painting

I coated everything in grey latex paint. Then, I painted it black and wiped it off with a wet rag. I left the hardened Great Stuff black for effect. I then painter my ghouls with the same grey paint and the Beetlejuice name red.

Step 4: Finish Up

I attached the ghouls with zip ties, glued an extra piece of foam to the bottom for a base and it took about $40 worth of materials.

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