Introduction: Begin With OpenRails (ORTS) #TheEasyWay

About: My name is Simao and I love eletronics ,glass art,metal working,casting,paint ,draw... But above all... Trains

I hold like to have a train simulator (ts) on your PC? And do not want to pay one? OpenRails (ORTS) is for you!!! OR is a TS (ORTS) 100% compatible with the old MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator), soo everything that is for MSTS works on OR too! Open Rails is a little bit harder to work because it is more manual than othe TS's but is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! soo what mathers? And nowadays find someething free on Internet wihout ads or promotions is very rare!Soo let's get started!


  1. Windows PC (XP and up)
  2. Open Rail Installerhere.
  3. Demo Model 1 Line (here)
  4. This intructable.

Step 1: Installation.

Install Open Rails on your disk. and unzip the Demo Model 1.

Run OpenRails and in the Options»Content Select Add and select the Demo Model 1 folder THAT CONTAINS the GLOBAL, TRAIN and ROUTES folders!

Now you have a TrainSimulator!!! For learn how to add consists and other trains and lines keep read my instructables page and subscribe comment and be happy!