Introduction: Beginners Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an excellent skill to learn and can set you apart from others by being able to create well-written texts that pop out and catch the attention of your intended audience. Learn to create fascinating word art easily with no extra materials! All you need is some notebook paper, pencil, marker, eraser, and a ruler if you have it. Follow these 10 easy steps and you will be on your way to developing calligraphy skills that set you apart from the rest!

You will need to have some minor experience in cursive writing, if your not familiar with cursive writing just click the link below!


- Notebook paper (wide ruled recommended for beginners)

- Pencil and eraser

- Marker (dark colors work best)

- Ruler (optional)

Step 1: Before You Start

Gather supplies

Make sure you have notebook paper, a pencil, eraser, ruler, and a marker

TIPS: we recommend using wide-ruled paper and a dark marker for best results

Step 2: Make a Grid

Make your grid by tracing four consecutive horizontal lines in pencil on the notebook paper, making each line approximately 4 inches long

Step 3: Practice

Practice writing the word “hello” in cursive. Follow steps 4-7 to correctly form letters. Be sure to leave a little bit of space between each letter. practice several times as needed

Step 4: Start With H

Form the letter h by starting at the bottom of the grid, creating a loop that goes to the top of the 4-line grid, and making the top of the h line up with the third line from the bottom.

Step 5: Make an E

Curve into the letter e, making it the same height as the lower part of the h

Step 6: Make Two L's

Using the same motion, make 2 l’s, making sure they reach the top line of the grid

Step 7: Finish With the O

Off the loop of the second l, create an o by making a circle starting with a downstroke on the left side and moving counterclockwise up to the same height as the e’s

Step 8: Trace

Trace whole word in marker.

Step 9: Observe Downstrokes

Observe all highlighted downstrokes. Do not mark on your own paper. This is important for step 9

Step 10: Make Downstrokes Thicker

Make all highlighted downstrokes thicker using the marker

Step 11: Erase

Erase grid