Introduction: Belfast's Expensive Dance

This came from a famous GIF from the game Azur Lane. It's a GIF of a character named Belfast, dancing. There's even a meme in youtube that used this dancing GIF. My love for this character has grown since then and it gave me the idea that I can use it for our physics project.

Feel free to do any adjustments and improvements if you find a better way of doing it.

(Thank you Intern-kun for letting me use Belfast.)


For this project, you will be needing:

  1. Foam board
  2. Pencil
  3. A variety of sticks
  4. Cutter
  5. Fastener pin
  6. Double-sided tape
  7. Marker
  8. Glue sticks
  9. Saw
  10. A Box
  11. Rubber bands

Step 1: Making Belfast

For this project, I started by drawing out Belfast. In making Belfast, be sure to make 2 layers for her body to make space for her left arm. The first layer would have her front hair and her whole body. The 2nd layer will only have the rest of her hair including the maid headband. Once you're done with that, cut out the pieces and prepare them for assembly.

In assembling Belfast, use a fastener pin for the joints of her arms. Her right arm will be connected to the body while the left arm is connected to the 2nd layer. Make sure in connecting her left arm that it's at the right spot.

After connecting her arms, now you need to connect the 2 layers. For this, you need a double-sided tape. Cut out 6 small squares. Put one of the tapes in each side of the squares. Make 2 of these stack of squares. Attach the 2 stacks of squares on the 2nd layer like what is shown. Proceed to attach the 1st layer on top of it and there you go, Belfast is done.

Step 2: Creating Belfast's "Stage" Pt. 1

In creating her "Stage," Using the excess foam board, draw and cut out about 6 circles that have the same diameter of a Monster Energy Can. I had no ruler so I had to improvise. (I'm assuming these circles are about 1.5 inches long). You don't really need 6 circles but it's better to have extras. Then draw cut out 6 more circles about the size of a cap of a garlic powder container cap, I had to improvise again. (I think these are about 1 inch long.) Now prepare a stick that is long enough to pass through both sides of the box. Then prepare another stick about half the size of the 1st stick and another one that is half the size of the 2nd stick.

Step 3: Creating Belfast's "Stage" Pt. 2

For this part, we will start making the handles that would make Belfast's arms move. Get a chopstick and cut out about a quarter of it. Get a screw and the circles to the ends of the 2nd and 3rd sticks like in the picture. Cut out 2 small squares. You will be attaching a chopstick to each square. After cutting out the squares, attach the square to the circle at the ends of sticks with a fastener pin. In attaching the chopstick, use a glue stick and to stick it to the squares firmly. Now insert the 1st stick by making it pass through both sides of the backs. Mark the spots first and make sure that you have enough space for Belfast to dance on. Add the 2nd and 3rd sticks but mark their spots first and make sure it aligns with Belfast's arms.

Step 4: Making Belfast's "Stage" Pt. 3

After setting up the parts in part 2, we will now be using the rubber bands to make the 2nd and 3rd sticks connect with each other so that when one spins, the other will also spin. Wrap a rubber band that will be behind the circles at the edges of the 2nd and 3rd sticks. Then another between the 1st stick and the box. The last rubber band will be on the outside. Try to copy how it looks like in the picture. The other circles will be used her to make sure that the rubber bands wont slide to the 1st stick getting the whole thing stuck. Insert another short stick and use a tiny piece of wire to attach a hook in this stick. This stick will hold Belfast place so the she won't slide away. Cut out also also the sides of the box if Belfast is too big and she hits the sides, preventing her movement. I added a 5th stick to the system, it's to prevent the 2nd stick from going up and away.

There should be a small stick in between the 2nd and 3rd stick so that they wont go towards each other when you place the rubber band.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Belfast.

After setting up her "Stage," connect the chopsticks to Belfast's arms. Make sure that the chopsticks' placements when you connect them are at the right spots to make her do her dance in the GIF. Spin the longer stick between the sticks attached at the back of the box and watch your Belfast dance.



Make a handle for the 2nd stick, (it's the longer one that is attached to the back of the box) and just spin it around to make Belfast move.