Introduction: Belle's Casting Plaster Project

For this project I will show you how to create a Casting plaster mini Cactus Pot using a different type of shape other than squares and circles. This project still needs ton of improvement but I have tested two other projects before this one to come to a conclusion of this project which is my latest improved.


You need:

- Pencil & Eraser - Ruler & set square ruler 45 - scissors - Glue - Exacto knife - High impact Polystyrene - Tape - Plasting Caster - Plasting caster bucket or any type of bucket big enough to fill two cups of water and 3 cups of plasting caster - 2 Cups

Step 1: Creating Mold & Core

1. Glue plane paper onto the high impact polystyrene sheet after getting the high impact polystyrene

2. Draw two Trapezoid for the body using the square set ruler (W=18cm , L=6cm)

3. Two squares for the sides 6cm

4. One long rectangle (W=11cm , L=6cm)

5. Cut them out

6. Tape all of them together with squares as the side and the trapezoid as the body and rectangle as base.


Make sure to tape all sides of the shape to reduce leakage when adding casting plaster.

Step 2: Creating Core for Mold:

1. Use the left over of the high impact polystyrene to draw your core unless you have run out go grab some more.

2. After gluing plan paper onto the polystyrene draw three triangles

3. Each triangle is 5cm using the small rulers

4. Once done cut them out and glue them together creating a triangular pyramid without a base

5. Create two more triangular pyramid for the core.

Step 3: Pour Plasting Caster:


- Do not leave the casting plaster out without stiring it (it will dry out)

- Keep tape close to you at all times incase of leakage

- Always wear an apron to prevent plaster spillage ( sometimes causes irritating skin reaction )

- Do not use the same cup to get water and then casting plaster since it can react really fast.

1. Grab your bucket and pour two cups of water and three cups of plaster powder but with another cup

2. Grabbing your Spatula Stir the inside thoroughly until there are no chunks left but be aware of it hardening

3. As you feel like the plaster is ready either do it yourself or grab a partner to steadily hold the mold still as you slowly pour the plaster in

4. only pour the plaster at half the mold and place the cores to where you want them to facing the open base upwards NOT into the plaster, press them down a bit but not all the way to the bottom to prevent a hole.

5. Pull the cores out and continue to pour the plaster powder and then place the core back in pushing it down slowly ( be aware that it might feel a bit denser since the powder is stiffening)

6. grab some time and pull out a long piece and place one end of the tape inside the core and tape them to the body of the mold to hold the casting bodies shape. Do that for all of them.

7. Leave the plaster caster to set for around 24 to 30 hrs.

Step 4: Final Outcome:

1. Once the plaster has set and hardened grab an exacto knife and slowly and carefully cut the side corners of the mold facing the knife away from your fingers to prevent cutting yourself

2. After cutting the mold slowly remove the core by gently wiggling it out of the plaster

3. If unnecessary edges use the exacto knife and slowly slide it across the edges

4. Add your mini cactus and then decorate it with markers or stickers etc.