Introduction: Ben 10 Omnitrix Replica Prop DIY Homemade Cosplay

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I made a wearable replica of the Omnitrix from the original Ben 10 series made completely from rubber, plastic and metal parts. I made the whole thing for under £10 and it took me about a week. ENJOY!

Step 1: Step 1: Rubber and Symbol

I first got the idea to make the omnitrix after looking at a stop watch I had which has a similar shape and double layered sculpt as the omnitrix face and also had a domed glass face which looked nice. I drew around the glass circle over two pieces of grey and green clear xbox cases with a sparkly green card underneath to give them some shine and glue them together (But not the glass though) and added thin black lines and finished it up. I glued the face together with super glue in random spots which when pushed together looking like bubbling green liquid which gave a bit of detail that I liked. I bought 200mmX200mm 8mm thick black rubber and (Later) 200mmX200mm 1mm thick leather from Ebay which came to about £5

Step 2: Step 2: Trial and Error

I got all my measurements from picture online. Because of the nature of animation, the Omnitrix doesn't always look the same in every image so I stuck with the most common design. I used the face that I made as reference and scaled up the image on my computer with the face on the screen until a picture matched up to it to measure the widths of the various parts. I use the circumference of my wrist for the length.

Somehow my measurements went wrong somewhere along the way and it ended up way too big. I tried cutting it down to the proper size but I wasn't happy with the design. The paint was terrible and cracked after I bent it but I luckily still had enough rubber to start again and decided to use the old one as practice before I do anything to the new one because, honestly I rushed the last one. I learnt that it's impossible to heat rubber to such a dramatic curve and have it stay put. I tried loads of methods including making cuts and such but nothing working. I decided I wouldn't paint it until I had it bent to prevent any cracking.

Step 3: Step 3: the Zip

I used my old design to practice with attaching the watch together using clips and hooks and a million different things to fight against the force of the rubber trying to bend back flat. I eventually settled on using a zip from my wallet as I couldn't find a zip of the right size and this was only slightly longer (about an inch) and compromised by just tucking it under when it was on my wrist.

I first cut a small track for the zip to pass through without hitting the rubber and hand sewn one side on (With aid from pliers) I used zip ties to keep the watch bent to sew on the other side with a bent needle to get under.

I don't know how easy this is going to be to understand but I''ll try to explain-

I tried to make the part where the watch attaches a seamless as possible so I didn't make any cuts to the surface and applied the zip to the bottom where it would be sitting against my skin. The idea was to attach a cable to the zip and pull it through the groove I cut out to attach and remove the watch whenever I wanted and the two ends would attach together nicely, but the force of the rubber is enough to make a gap of about 20mm. I expected something like that to happen but it honestly doesn't bother me and as you can see from the (Dark...) photos, the visible zip isn't terrible.

Step 4: Step 4: the Dial

(Sorry about the dark photos, it's the only camera I had available at the time)

The dial of the watch has these small cones with green mounds on them. I used the tips of pens and sanded to the right size. You might of noticed that the ring I have, has cutouts on it. I fixed this by filling them with super glue and sanded them.

The black circle thing you see is part that made from a spare piece of rubber that I can use to make the face of the watch glue flat with the curved part glued to the actual watch itself. It's supposed to look like the cylinder column that pops up when Ben goes through his aliens but in retracted mode. Anyone whose had the original toy will should know what i mean (I hope)

ALSO, after the watch was finally curved, I could glue on the raised thin pieces made from the thin rubber.

Step 5: Step 5: Details

I bought 8mm diameter rubber tubing from Ebay for £2 for a metre and cut it in half and cut into fours with rounded ends with little cuts to make that curve they have before the meet the watches face. I ONLY glued them down while it was curved. I made the button base from a tooth paste cap that I sanded down smooth and shorter with a curved bottom to glue to the body. The button itself is an 'adhesive green pearl, 10mm diameter' that I bought a sheet of them from Ebay for £1 and glued it into the base

Step 6: Step 6: Finishing the Dial

I bought smaller 3mm beads from Ebay to clue on the dial and glued the whole thing together with HOT GLUE because SUPER GLUE would fog up the glass permanently. I finally painted the dial silver and black and it was finished.

I also forgot to take photos of me painting the body but I used three different shades of grey and black.

Step 7: Step 7: Finished

(Finally found my other camera)

I really liked how it came out. It's something I always fantasised making as a kid with my brother and realised I could easily make it a few weeks ago (So I did) I would do it again though if I could though because one thing that really bugs me is that the bottom button thing on the dial isn't lined up properly and I didn't realise until finished (I don't know how that happened) But eh... I really like how it looks and it has really good scale and quite a bit of weight as it's all rubber, metal and plastic parts. I painted it with acrylic and it has no signs of cracking or wear. Admittedly it feels really cool to wear and isn't loose at all. It can't be warn for more than like 20 minutes because my hand starts to go numb :I

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Step 8: