Introduction: Bench Vise Rollers : Make Bends, Arches and Circles

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Based on the popular Benchvise press, here is a roller version that can do curved bends, arches and circles. Not all vises are perfect for this project. for my projects the rollerbanch works fine.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Plans

For this perticular rollerbench i have no perfect on the milimeter plans. I do have scematics and footage of the build.

So first here is a Sketchup plan that is resonably's my example in 3D, not the one i build. Plan is made after.

Also , some pictures to see how it looks like.

Tools used:


-Evolution allround miter saw

-Drillpress with metalholesaws.

-Basic weldingstation.

-Homemade beltsander.

-torch and hammer.

Materials used:

-22mm pipes raw steel.(leftovers)

-27mm pipes raw steel.(leftovers)

-roundbar of steel 10mm.(comes from old printer)

-bar of raw steel 50X1000 X5mmthick. (local ironware shop)

-4X M8 bolt 30mm.

-bearings: 4X608ZZ and 2X ?? (10mm inside/ 26mm outside. but no info on it.They came from an old drilpress)

-inserts of plastic for the rollerpipe. 10mm inside/18mm outside.

-magnets: i use leftovers, but if i could redo it, i would use my new ones of 12mm wide/3mm thick. they can hold 2.4kg each. so with 3 on each side it will be very stuck. i buy them on but thats pretty much local, so just look for neodynium magnets. they are the best. and not that expensive (30cents/magnet).

Step 2: Step 2: Video + Assembling

Not too many steps this time. Video shows a lot of information. Additional pics might help too.

It is a lot of finetuning, and making sure everything is alligned right. 1 mistake in alligning everything will make the rollers do awfull work. so all rollers need to be in the same position, same as a beltsander. is on a beltsander 1 wheel is not alligned right, the belt runs off. Same for the rollers. instead of a circle, you will make a weird spiral.

If i had to redo it, i also would not make it as wide, since the arm of the jaw of the benvice is in the way in the middle. so i would rather make one of 5-10cm and allign it on the right or left side of the benchvise so any circle can turn freely the hole way not hitting the arm of the vice in the middle.

Feel free to ask questions. If i see it, and i can asnwer them, i certainly will do.

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