Introduction: Bendy and the Ink Machine: Boris Cosplay Mask

In the world of games there is a flash back from the past. They are the cartoons that made us, however this time they are kind of different. This time you are one of them, or you can be if you make the mask. Then all you’d need to become Borris is white overalls and a black shirt!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Black and White Duct Tape
Gray Duct Tape (Optional)
Newspaper or Scrap Paper

Step 2: Roll the Cardboard

Round the cardboard into a circular shape. Then tape it together to hold the shape.

Step 3: Add a Balloon

Blow up a balloon to place in the center of the cardboard. This will help with making a rounded top. Make sure the balloon is about 2 inches above the cardboard.

Step 4: Start Taping the Head

Keeping the sticky side up tape 3-4 pieces across the top of the balloon. Do not tape the balloon to the cardboard, make sure the adhesive side is face up. This way the ends can attach to the inside of the cardboard.

Step 5: Add Cardboard for Support

Place a strip of cardboard that has been rounded on top the tape. Then remove the balloon.

Step 6: Tape Everything

Tape the cardboard inside and out. This will make the inside water resistant and the outside ready for farther steps. I used gray duct tape because it’s cheaper however if you’d like this step can be completed in black duct tape.

Step 7: Make the Muzzle

Make miniature paper balls out of the Newspaper or Scrap Paper. These balls will be placed into a muzzle shape. The end should be slightly bigger than the middle.

Step 8: Shape the Muzzle

To make sure the muzzle is the proper shape put together a few lines of duct tape. Then place the paper balls on top. Fold the duct tape around the sides of the paper balls. Then add more tape to the top. On the end with the two larger paper balls fold he duct tape slightly in to make it look more defined. White duct tape can be used instead of gray for this step.

Step 9: Attach the Head and Muzzle

Tape together the circular head to the muzzle. Then round two strips of cardboard and tape them in between the muzzle and the head.

Step 10: Coloring In

Time to correctly tape the head and muzzle. The muzzle should be white and the head is black. Above the muzzle there should be white outlined by an M shape. To make the Borris look best cover it in small pieces of tape, so it overlaps and looks realistic.

Step 11: Add Ears and a Nose

The ears are three paper balls taped together with black tape. They are attached to the top of the head.
The nose is one paper ball and is attached to the end of the muzzle.

Step 12: Cut Out Eyes and Add Details

To cut out the eyes poke out a hole in the white region of the duct tape on the head (in side the black M outline). Then cut out a circle leaving a triangle in the center. Tape the area around the eyes again.
There are three main details to add: two circles on the extened cheeks, six “freckles”, and a nose. All details are black.

Step 13: Wear It

Thats it!!! You’ve made Borris’ head So wear it proudly!!!!
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