Introduction: Berry Yogurt Blast Popsicles

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This Summer I decided to try making a bunch of different popsicle flavors and with blackberries in the back yard and a mother who makes homemade yogurt this project was quite easy. I use a special popsicle maker that i got on amazon and if you want to buy it and use it you can (Search Zoku popsicle molds) But you can always make this in a cup with a popsicle stick. I hope you enjoy making popsicles as much as I do!


You will need: Blackberries, 1 cup of water, Yogurt, A blender, A freezer, Something to freeze your popsicles in, and some sticks

Step 1:

Put your Blackberries in the blender with and blend for 5 seconds, it should be quite chunky.

Step 2:

Pour 1/4th of the water into the blender and blend for 20 seconds. It should have a few chunks floating in purple water.

Step 3:

Pour the rest of the water in and blend for 10 seconds. It should be purplish water with tiny little pieces of berry in it.

Step 4:

Spoon a little bit of yogurt into the bottom of your cup. (I use a baby food spoon)

Step 5:

Pour enough berry/water mixture into the cup to fill it.

Step 6:

Insert sticks into popsicle holder.

Step 7:

Freeze for 3 hours

Step 8:

3 hours later take out of the freezer and enjoy right away.

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