Introduction: Easy Origami Pumpkin

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Are you looking for something simple to teach to younger crafters or do you just want to get away from the hard stuff and enjoy some easy origami? Either way you can have lots of fun with just a few folds and rips.


You will need:

  • Orange Origami Paper
  • Green Origami Paper

Step 1:

Fold paper in half

Step 2:

Fold the bottom corner to the top corner

Step 3:

Fold one of the top corners to the bottom corner

Step 4:

Fold behind

Step 5:

Pull out the middle layer

Step 6:

Fold top corner up

Step 7:


Step 8:

Fold the corners up, repeat behind

Step 9:

Fold to the center, repeat behind

Step 10:

Fold to the center, repeat behind

Step 11:

Fold the flaps into the pockets, repeat behind

Step 12:

Blow into little hole at bottom

Step 13:

Now you have the bottom of your pumpkin

Step 14:

tear a piece of paper off your green paper

Step 15:

Fold in half

Step 16:

fold the end at an angle

Step 17:

Insert your stem into the top of the pumpkin

Step 18:

Tada you finished! Try different types of paper sizes for different sizes of pumpkins

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