Introduction: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

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Hey guys in this instructable I will be showing you how ton make the bertie botts every flavor bean case, I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you do to so here is what you will need:

The jpeg of bertie botts




a ziplock bag or laminate

and a candy of your choice

Step 1: Print and Fold

once you print out the jpeg, cut out the design and the windows, then grab the ziplock bag and cut the bag so that it fits the window and glue down the sides of the plastic so that it stays in place do this to all four windows, then fold there are fold lines and places to glue on the designs it self, once you fold these places they won't be seen in the finished product, once you fold the paper glue down the flaps on the side and the flaps on the bottom, one it's all glued down and dry fill the case up with a candy of your choice ( I chose bubble gum) then once it's filled with the candy bend the tips of the top just a little then glue them together you can add a handle if you want but its not necessary

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