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Smaller version of the Beskar Ingot from the series "The Mandalorian." This is a Beskar Swatch. The size of a quarter and $.08 in material to make. Much easier for kids to hold on to and given as a keepsake. This is part of the Mandalorian themed escape room our Cub Scout Pack hosted for our zoom meeting.



3D Printer - Resin UV LCD

Step 1: TinkerCAD Design - Polygon

Unit of measure is mm.

Start with a polygon (6 sided). Adjust size to 29.98 x 30.00 x 5 for a quarter sized item.

Step 2: TinkerCAD Design - Imperial Seal

You can use the attached STL or create your own.

I googled a black and white copy of the Imperial Seal. I used a free JPEG to SVG converter to import into TinkerCAD. Size the seal to 10 x 10 x 5.

To round out the seal and remove the corners, take the tube shape align over the Imperial Seal. Select Hole for the tube and group the shapes to round cut the corners.

Step 3: TinkerCAD Design - Negative Cut

To cut out the shape in the main piece, select the Imperial Seal and select Hole. Center both pieces with the Align tool and Group the shapes.

Step 4: TinkerCAD Design - Multiply

Copy and Paste to as many as you can build in a layer. A Resin 3D printer has a build plate which this occupies. A FDM printer would work also but you would not get the details from the molten lines in the next step.

Step 5: TinkerCAD Design - Molten Lines

Use the SVG attached or google for your preferred image.

Size the molten lines to the area of all the swatches. Height is .1 to imprint the lines without obscuring the Imperial Seal. Select Hole, Align, and Group to imprint the molten lines.

Step 6: 3D Print

A Resin LCD UV 3D printer is known to print faster and with more detail than a FDM. FDM will work but the design was created for a resin printer.

The Beskar Swatches have an added pinhole to string through as a medallion.

Stay tuned for the Mandalorian Themed Escape Room. Our social distant, zoom, and interactive Cub Scout meeting.

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