Introduction: Bessy Food Inc. Delivery Drone

For this project we took and old drone and remodeld it to make it into a flying resturant. You can make your drone anything you want but we will show you how to take it apart and what to do.


1. Old drone

2. Cardboard

3. Popsicle sticks

4. A printer for decorations

5. Hot glue gun

6. Random plastic waterbottle

7. Philips head screwdriver

Step 1: Step 1: Run Tests

You need to make sure that the drone you use can carry the wiegt of what your planning to make it into. For an example we tapped cardboard to ours to see if it will fly and tapped bessy (The Dinosour) to it. It turned out to be succesful so we made our plan for what it will look like. You need to make sure that what your planning will work with your drone or you wont be able to fly.

Step 2: Step 2: Removing the Frame

We removed the old frame by simpily unsrewing the screws and taking it off. We then took off the camera to reduce weight on the drone so we can add more decoration. We also covered the wires of the drone with a small peice of card board. Then we put a small card board cut out on the bottom of the drone and mad slits for the lights to come through the drone.

Step 3: Step 3: Creat New Frame

We made a bigger box with cardboard and no walls and glued popcicle sticks to make gates on the sides with no walls. We then made a table and charis out of cardboard and popsicle sticks to make it look like a resturant. We put Bessy and Bessy in the front to make it look like they are driving.

Step 4: Step 4: Decorate and Make Sure It Flies

For our final steps we printed pictures and decorated it. We tested it a bunch and found it to be to heavy so to fix that we remade the roof out of an old plastic waterbottle so that you can see the wiring, and with that the Bessy drone was done.