Introduction: Best Out of Waste Cardboard Christmas Tree

Christmas is a colorful festival which brightens up our lives with colors and celebration. This is my version of christmas tree made of waste cardboard easy to make with household things.

Step 1: Basic Frame

Take any cardboard mark circles small to bigger one with 2 inches gap each. cut accordingly. apply tissue and glue mixture to make it stiff. allow it to dry once done apply green acrylic color to give a tree look. once dried mark 8 equal points on each rings and make a hole. Now the basic frame is ready

Step 2: Mounting

take thread and divide 8 equal parts maintain the gap between rings atleast 7inches for that you can use straw or paper tubes inserted in the thread. now start aligning from top to bottom i.e. smaller ring to the bigger and secure at the end by tying the knot on each side of the ring. adjust accordingly. now the christmas tree frame is ready for decoration. decorate the tree as per your choice using ornaments, garland lights and so on. please note I have used most of hand made decoratives to decorate the tree.

Step 3:

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