Introduction: Best Pranks of 2015

Here are some of the best pranks that you could do with just a little time.

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Step 1: Car Pranks

When you see a car you want to prank use these pranks.

1) Cover a car with sticky notes.

2) Stick paint brushes with different colors in the rainbow in the wind shield wipers. The next time the wind shield wipers are turned on the driver will get a colorful surprise.

3) When you see a car in a grocery's parking lot, with no cars around it surround that car with an infinity ring of shopping carts.

Step 2: Food Pranks

When you want to prank some ones food or drink use these pranks.

1) Go to the store and buy unfilled donuts and a jar of mayonnaise. Then fill the donuts with mayonnaise.

2) Carmel apples are delicious, who doesn't like them well you won't after you've tried this one. Just substitute an apple for an onion and cover it with Carmel. Yum.

3) Fill up a glass of water. Then fold up a piece of paper 4x. Firmly press the paper on the top of the glass, and flip the glass over on the table. Usually the water would spill out but since the paper is there it doesn't. Now quickly slide out the paper while pushing down the glass. It is ok if a little water gets on the table, that's nothing compared to what will happen if some one picks up the glass.

Step 3: Other Pranks

Here are some other awesome pranks.

1) Fill up a room with balloons.

2) Fill up cups of water and put them all over the floor this way when some one walks on them he will spill it or take a long time picking up a lot of cups.

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Step 4: Prank in the Office

If you have a colleague that could use/needs a good prank use these.

1) Put his mouse and key board in jello.

2) Wrap their office supplies in news paper.

3) Cover the whole office with different colored pictures of your colleague.

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