Introduction: Drug Dealer

Was there ever a time you had a deck of cards, and wanted to play a game that you never played before? Well here is a game perfect for those times. It is called Drug Dealer because you have a "drug dealer" who is trying to sell "drugs" and there is a "cop" who is trying to catch the "drug dealer" because "drugs" are illegal.

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Step 1: How to Play

You will need a....


Joker/Drug Dealer

Any random cards/Buyers

In this instructable I am using two sevens, but when you are playing you could use any cards for the buyers besides a king or a joker. The LEAST players you could have are three. The more players the harder and longer the game.

You start the game by turning over the cards and mixing them. Randomly hand out the cards, one card per player. Each player looks at his card and doesn't show it to any one. The player with the joker is the drug dealer, he has to guess who is a buyer and who is the cop. The way he sells "drugs" is by SECRETLY signaling to a player. If the player that is signaled to sees or feels the signal and is a buyer then he says "sold". If the player that is signaled is a cop, the cop has to know who signaled him and then says " caught" and he wins. If there are more than three people then the drug dealer has to try to sell to every one but not get caught if he succeeds then he wins. Their is no official way to signal you could make up your own signals but it should be secret so no one else besides the one being signaled could see but if the cop sees he yells "caught" and the cop wins!!! For a signal you could stick out your tongue, wink, kick him or what ever you might think of but once he gets the signal and he yells sold he gives in his card and stays out of the rest of the game. If the drug dealer sells to all of the buyers he wins!!! The cards are there just to tell you who is who you could even use pieces of paper. The point of the game is for the dealer to try to sell drugs to every one and avoid the cop then he wins and all the buyers win. The cop has to find out who the drug dealer is by looking at who signaled or any other way besides looking at people's cards, and "catch" him then he wins. No one else can signal only the drug dealer and no there are no points.

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