Tooth Paste Cleans Every Thing

Introduction: Tooth Paste Cleans Every Thing

Are you ever cleaning and when you think your done you see the haunting stain on the floor that what ever you do it just won't come off? Well there is a simple solution.

What you will need:

A tooth brush

Tooth paste

Wet cloth/ wipes

And a dry cloth

Step 1: Clean Clean Clean

Put a little bit of tooth paste on the tooth brush ,and approach that stain. then scrub scrub scrub until it come off. Tooth paste doesn't just get rid off floor stains, it also cleans walls windows and even shoes etc. My personal experience with tooth paste and shoes really worked. The white symbols had black spots so I whipped out my tooth paste and tooth brush and scrubbed. In 20 seconds all the black spots were gone!

I guaranty it will work for you. leave your personal experience with tooth paste cleaning in the comments.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Toothpaste does work really well. Though make sure that you don't use it on anything that is painted. It eats through paint very well.