Introduction: Best Show & Tell Backpack Ever

About 3 days ago I got an assignment for a show and tell. The idea is to find or make an item that you will be taking to mars (only one item ) so decided to make a backpack with everything I want in it. The backpack will be containing the following:


coms and antennas

solar panels

ground support equipment

power systems

mini laptop


Sample container

controll systems



To make this backpack you will need the following items

Bronx backpack

Tedelex TE-3000 transceiver

Toy gun (nerf gun will be best option)

Havit controller


6-inch Tablet

Flux rock

Tape measure

Two 5x5 circuit boards

5x5x10 cardboard box

Two 2volt mini solar panels

Old tool case


G.S.E (AKA: tool kit): volt meter, screw drivers, pliers, gas soldering iron, wires

12v socket

another small box

12v 7.2mAh battery

Step 1: Cubesat

you'll need :

10x5x5 box

Two 5x5 circuit boards


scarp metal


Take the 10x5x5 box and cut a square into the lid

cut small squares into the sides for the 2 small solar panels glue them in place

close lid and place a metal square on the bottom and gloe the antenna to it

Step 2: Coms and Antennas

you'll need:

tedelex transceiver

Tape measure strips 30 & 40 cm long

wood strip 67cm long


12 volt battery

skrew the tape measure strips to the wood strip it should look like a T with two horizontal lines

connect a wire to the strips and then to the resciver

connect the reciver to the battery

Step 3: G.S.E (AKA: Tool Kit)

you'll need

tool case

gas soldering iron

volt meter



place all tools in case ;)

Step 4: Power System

you'll need

12 volt battery

12v socket


connect the socket to the battery

Step 5: Mini Laptop/ Controll Systems

note* I did not have cash to buy a raspberry for my control system so used a broken tablet and a working controller

you'll need

tablet or raspberry screen



Step 6: Attach Everything

This is the best part according to me LOL!!!

Now you just have to attach the antenna, socket, transceiver, and BT-speaker oh and the tablet

I used zip ties to ties to attach the antenna, speaker and the socket to the backpack

the toolkit, cubesat, gun, battery, controller and box are just placed inside the backpack.