Introduction: Best and Cheap Lipo Batteries Available Online

You might be doing a lot of research on lipos and availability of lipo in cheap rates. So you are at right place. I will tell you a lot of ecommerce websites and some tips on lipo for better handling. So lets start.

Step 1: E- Commerce Platforms for Lipos.

You can get a lot of premium quality lipos on horizon hobby , hobby king, flite test, platforms but the issue is the rates they are offering may be high for beginners whoever in this RC world.
So i recommend to buy lipos from platforms like aliexpress where you get a lot of high quality lipos in cheaper rates. (Just check if shipping is free or not . As in india , freight rules have been change so check for shipping charges also.)

Now aliexpress offers free shipping on ovonic batteries for india also and other countries too.
Ovonic is also a good brand competes with brands like zippy compact, gen ace, turnigy.

Step 2: Video

I also explain everything about battery and sources of lipo batteries. You can watch my video and please subscribe to it for more videos related to rc drones ans plane.
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Step 3: Storage Voltage and Charging Voltage

For charging , lipo and li ion batteries require contant current of 4.2v.
Providing voltages above 4.2v make lipo unstable and they get puff and overheat. Continuing this may result in explosion of lipos results in any kind of damage if anyone nears to them.
Do not charge lipos over 4.2v

Now talking about storage mode (voltage)
If you are keeping your batteries for long period, your batteries may get puff.
Its because of the oxidation of electrodes present in batteries at a specific voltage. Due to oxidation , gases get generated in it and requires space thats why the get puffed. If you used for higher current or in hot conditions , battery gets heated and if battery is puffed a lot then it can catch fire and burn you whole rc model like plane, drone, helicopter, boat.
So to avoid this you need to discharge batteries upto or below 3.85v .
At this voltage oxidation process is much much lower and batteries can be kept uncharged for a long period.
So do not keep batteries charge if you are not using them . And charge them whenever you need it. Unless keep them at 3.85v

Step 4: C Rating and Capacity

What is c rating ?
C stands for capacity of your plane.
If you battery is like 3s 2200mah having 25c rating.
That means capacity is 2200mah and c ratung is 25. So what is the use of c rating ?
We can get max amp draw for battery using c rating .
Max amp draw = capacity x c rating
Max amp draw = 2.2 A x 25 = 55A

Thats why c rating is provided . Also for charging of lipo do not charge lipos for above 1.5c . That means 1.5 x 2.2A = 3.3A .
Do not use charger giving current over 3.3A . This also results in making battery puff.

Step 5: Alternatives for Lipo and Model Suitability

Alternative for lipo is li ion .
Both the lipo and li ion are same as they are based on lithium. The difference is in lipo, lithium is stored in polymer packages. And in li ion , it is in liquired state.

18650 li ion batteries are great alternative for lipo . But they are limited to 10c discharge. That means they can only give 22A draw. So you can make them in parrallel to whatever amp draw you want. And they are not much heat sensitive to heat as compared to lipo.

Now talking about model suitability.
Im in rc plane hobby so talking respective to it.
Choose batteries which may fit in you battery hatch or may have extra space if you are switching to higher capacity battery.
Another thing is check their weight. As you model should generate enough lift to carry extra weight if you changed to another battery of different capacity.