Introduction: How to Make Rc Plane at Home Under $60

Today i will show you how to build rc plane under $60.
You can watch my video on youtube for understanding. In the video i told price in indian rupees as i want to target indian audience.
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So Lets Begin !!!

Step 1: Gather the Components

You required is foam board.
Foam board i used was 58" x 48". - ₹300 ($ 4)
To download the plans-

A2212 1000kv bldc motor
30A esc
1045 prop
This cost ₹800 ($11).

Flysky t6 remote - ₹1600 ($21).

Sg90 servos x 4 - ₹600 ($9).

3s 2200mah 30c lipo - ₹1000 ($14).

And glue gun and glue sticks for build.

So this all costs upto $60

Step 2: Make Rc Plane

Since this plane is copyrighted by flitetest and haven't made any build video. You can watch their video and build it.
Link -

Step 3: Remote Setup

First bind both remote and transmitter together and setup the mixes.
Since i didnt use splitter cable for ailerons. Im using mixing of channel 1 and 5 for two servo motor. Mix the channel 1 and 5 and set end points to 70% in setup menu of remote.

Step 4: Wing Modification

I have did modification in the wing as you can split them in two pieces and can reinforce them whenever need by using packing tape. Packing tape has very high strength.
Please watch video as i provided every detail in the video.