Introduction: How to Make Ultrasonic Levitator at Home | Acostic Levitator |

Hey guys , i just made an acostic eleavator using ultrasonic sensor and arduino . For brief explanation about how it works , i have uploaded my video on youtube.
You can go and watch-

Step 1: Gather the Components

All you need is -
Arduino board
HC SR-04 Ultrasonic sensor
L293D motor driver module
PCB board and few wires
Soldering iron and solder

Step 2: Mark the Polarity of Ultrasonic Sensor

Remove sensors from module.
Keep multimeter on constant voltage high sensitivity.
Check voltage across sensor terminals. If positive voltage appear then positive probe connected to terminal, solder red wire and to next terminal solder black wire for identification of positive and negative terminals.

And make a stand to hold ultrasonic sensors and maintain distance of 11mm

Step 3: Mark the Polarity of Motor Driver

Upload the code in arduino.
Connect A0-A1-A2-A3 pins of arduino to the motor driver input pins.
And connect D10 to D11.
Power up the arduino and motor driver.
Here i used lipo battery for as power source.
You can use between 6-12v

After powering up measure the voltage across output pins of motor driver.
If positive voltage appears , positive probe connected to module terminal is positive .
Now solder the sensors to the motor driver.
Positive terminal of sensor must connect to pisitive pin of motor driver output.
Else it wont work.

Arduino code link -

Step 4: Now Its Time to Test It.

Make small pieces of foam / paper/ thermocol
Take a plier and gently keep them in the centre and leave it.
It will float
Thats it . You did it.