Introduction: Bestest Ratty (or Other Rodent) Toy Evah!

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Fun toy for your ratlets :)

Step 1:

Pick out a treat - rat yogies were a favorite of my little boy, but any little thing works. A dab of peanut butter is especially yummy and keeps the rats busy longer than non-sticky things. My rats used to go nuts for Nutella, too. (Me, too!)

Step 2:

Take a small piece of non-toxic paper and wrap the treat up good. I used plain white typing paper a lot because I was pretty sure there wouldn't be toxic ink. I wouldn't recommend any newspaper or stuff with dye in it.

I usually tore a strip of paper, wrapped the treat up so you couldn't get to it (about 3 or 4 times around in no particular order, just so that it wouldn't come out easily - so fold it randomly like on the dotted lines in the picture). Then I'd do that two or three more times so it was really wrapped.

Step 3:


You can just throw it in the rat cage and watch them tear up your hard work


Tie it on the end of a string and make a ratty-pinata. (I liked to hang them on a short string so that they had to work to get it - give them some exercise for their little bodies and brains)


Tie a bunch on a single long string like a string of delicious Christmas lights


put them all in a toilet paper roll and squish up the ends really good and watch the kids tear up the roll and stash treats here and there. (this is Ed from

Sorry - my computer is crash-tacular today. When things look up I will try to make pics to show what I am talking about in the last two steps.