Introduction: Bicycle Spoke Pov

Bicycle spoke POV(Persistence of vision) is an easy project which turn simple bicycle wheel into a customized flashing led wheel.This project is made without any coding only using simple components,The project is for beginners,We will use RGB flashing led to make different colors pattern.

Step 1: Tools We Need

Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron
Soldering Wire
Soldering Flux
Copper Wire 1m (27 gauge)
Heat Shrink Tube 1m (2mm)
Hot Air gun
Transparent Pu Pipe 1m (8mm diameter)
Cable Ties (2pc)
Sand Paper (0 grade)

Step 2: Electronic Components

Qty---Part Name
20pc RGB Flashing Led clear
2pc Vibration Switch Sensor
2m Wire (2mm)
2pc Rechargeable Battery (9v)

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

This is our circuit diagram Connect the battery with the vibration switch sensor and led stip.You can create charging socket to recharge your battery.

Step 4: Lets Start

First draw a 10 inch line on chart paper and then mark after every 1 inch,We will place 10 led because the radius of my wheel is 11 inch you can choose the number of led according to your radius of your wheel.

1.Place the led one by one on the 1 inch markings.
2.Now Cut the heat shrink tube in 20 equal size of 0.90 inch.
3.Now Cut the copper wire into two length of 1m.
4.Use the sandpaper to rub the copper wire and remove the insulated coating from the copper wire.
5.Now adjust the led so anode will be at one side and cothode will be at another side to prevent from incorrect soldering.

Step 5: Get Ready to Solder

Now We will solder the 10 led's one by one.But be sure that cathode must be solder with cathode and anode will be solder with anode.

1.Place the first led and start soldering.Atach the copper wire to the anode and cover it with heat shrink tube and repeat this till all the led's get solder.
2.After soldering the anodes with the help of copper wire then solder the cathode with copper wire.There is no need to cover the cathode you can left as they are but solder them so the copper wire must get attached to the cathode terminal.
3.Remove the extra copper wire from end of the strip and then solder insulated wire with the copper end.
4.Use the hot air gun to shrink the Hot Shrink tubes.
5.Now test your strip.
6.Repeat the process to make another strip of 10 led's and check that it is working or not.

Step 6: Now Make the Led Strip Waterproof

Now We will cover the both led strip with pu pipes to make them waterproof.

1.Cut the pu pipe into two equal length of 10.5 inch.
2.Put the Led Strip into the pu pipe Carefully.
3.Test again before sealing the end's .
4.Now use the hot glue gun to seal the end of the pipe.
5.Use the cable ties to attach the led strip with the spoke of your cycle.

This Projects is very easy and do not take enough time to build if you don't know using the arduino you can make this because it is a very simple and cheap.Keep the battery and sensor in waterproof box and seal it.only open Socket for charging batteries.

Step 7: Video

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Thanks for understanding