Bicycle Stand - EAsy & Simple

Introduction: Bicycle Stand - EAsy & Simple

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In order to maintain my bicycle i need to stand them on some platform.
besides that ,i want to make sure that the Back wheel can spin freely without touching the ground.

that way i can lubricate  , wash , and do general maintenance for my bike

It was quite  easy building it , just saw some small platform of wood , and attach it some 
upper arms 

Now , get some long  ( at least 50 cm ) thin and strong iron 
skewer , replace it with the original one ( Temporary ! - it`s just for the maintenance phase  ) - make sure you close it tight so the wheel wont detach  , mount it on the Upper arms  ( Make sure those upper arms got some slots so you will be able to  mount the skewer inside it )

Let the maintenance begin !


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    6 years ago

    Where are the steps?