Introduction: Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock

I like bike riding and I am known for this fact within my friends. So for my birthday a friend of mine made me a wall clock out of a bicycle wheel, which is now hanging on the wall in my living room . It is a very nice clock and I love looking at it to see what time it is.

After one of my bikes broke, I thought about make one by myself. I got all the parts together and after couple hours I had my own, which is now hanging at my dad's. Just recently I made another one, with which I will show you guys how to make your own bicycle wheel wall clock.


That's what you need:

  • Bicycle wheel
  • A clockwork (you can get in from amazon etc. look for one with long hands though)
  • Same wood (5-7 mm thick) and paint
  • Hot glue
  • 2-3 hours of time

Step 1: Preparion of Parts

Clean the bicycle wheel so no oil is ruining your wall later. Cut the spokes close to the hub otherwise the circle middle piece needs to have a bigger diameter.

Cut the middle piece out of wood with a diameter of about 11.5 cm (about 4.5”) and make a hole (8mm or 5/16") in the middle to put the clockwork through. Doublecheck the right measurements with your wheel and clockwork! Depending on the wood you can paint it with some colour.

Step 2: Rearranging the Stokes

There are wheels with different orders of spokes, for the clock you can decide how to order it: you can lay them next to each other, you can cross them, you can remove some, you can paint them in different colours. There are many ways to make a nice clock. It will give your clock the design you want to!

Step 3: Finalize the Clock

Put the circle wooden middle piece in the middle of the wheel, straighten the stokes in the decided order and glue them with hot glue to the wood. (I removed some spokes as you can see in the picture.)

Put the clockwork through the hole in the wood and fix the hands from the front.

Step 4: Hang It Up

Hang your bicycle wheel wall clock on the wall and make some steps back to see what time it is ;).

Here you can the ones I made so far:

  1. The one I made for this instruction
  2. The one I got for my birthday
  3. The one I gave my dad
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