Introduction: Big Ben Clock Tower Thing

Big ben with terrain

Step 1: Put in 4 Cylinders and Add Walls

Step 2: Add Floors, and Extend the Cylinders

Step 3:

Step 4: Add Black Lines for Detail

Step 5: Extend the Cylinders Even More

Step 6: Add More Detail and Make Wall Higher

Step 7: Add Another Floor

Step 8: Add Detail

Step 9: Start Making the Clock

Step 10: Ad Walls Behind the Clock

Step 11: Make a Roof

Step 12: Add More Detail

Step 13:

Step 14: The Clock Tower Is Done!

Step 15: Start to Add Terrain

Step 16: Add Trees

Step 17: Colour the Terrain

Step 18: Add More Trees

Step 19: Add Even More Trees

Step 20: Add Mountains

Step 21: Add Snow to Mountains and FINISHED