Introduction: Big Chungus 3d Sign

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Big Chungus model and a stand for it.

Step 1: Import the Canvas

Save a picture of Big chungus, preferably the one depicted in the photo, and use the attached canvas icon near the top right of your fusion toolbar to import the picture into fusion.

Step 2: Trace Out the Big Chungus

Trace out most things on the picture using the spline tool found in the sketch category, the more detail the better. when tracing make sure lines are properly connected by zooming in. Havign more detail means more options when choosing what you want to extrude.

Step 3: Create a Stand for Big Chungus

Draw some lines using the line tool in sketch, the thicker the better, coming out of big chungus' feet. Also, create a thin rectangle that stretches beyond big chungus on both sides. We will expand upon this part later.

Step 4: Begin to Extrude Your Sketches

Its a little tricky on what you should and shouldn't extrude but when you do use the extrude tool found near the left of your tool bar, be sure to include the setting Symmetric instead of one side in the extrude menu. Try to extrude in intervals of .1in for the parts in the background(think about some of the gray parts), .2in for the fore ground(think some of the white parts and things that must be separated from the background), and .3 for the very front details(i only did this for the hands, don't worry about that too much). you do what you think looks the best but my final extrusions are in the pictures.

Step 5: Begin to Extrude the Stand

In a similar fashion, extrude the columns holding up big chungus, the thicker the better, and as for the bottom part stretch it far beyond the chungus creating what looks like a square

Step 6: Turn the Stand Into a Pedestal

take the bottom faces of the stand and extrude it down, I did .6 inches

Step 7: Create an Offset Plane

it took me a while to figure this put so i'll go into detail, click on the offset plane icon near the middle of the toolbar and select the XY plane. pull the new offset plane out until it lines up with your pedestal face.

Step 8: Add Text

Use the text tool near the middle of the sketch drop-down menu and apply it on your pedestal's front using the offset plane you made in the last step. type something there although what i wrote was "big chungus" and it seemed to work pretty well. Pick whatever font you want, I chose Constantina, center it and stretch it out over the pedestal.

Step 9: Punch in Text

use the extrude tool to push the text sketch inwards .1 in. it should ghost red

Step 10: Repeat Steps 7-9 on the Back of the Pedestal

same thing you did for the text on the front accept, for the back.

Step 11: Complete

By now you should have your very own big chungus ready for printing!