Introduction: Big Heart, Little Minds Framed Teacher Gift

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I always have to think hard when giving a gift to my teachers because I want something that is both meaningful and useful. While this gift doesn't exactly come out as useful except as a decoration, it does add a nostalgic element to it when you list down all the students names to it. I guess it helps you hold on to memories related to a specific class.
So, go and gather the following supplies:
1. A square picture frame - I used a 12*12 frame from the local dollar store.
2. Paintbrush and red acrylic paint
3. White air dry clay - I used the Crayola air dry clay
4. Double-sided paint
You will also need a heart-shaped cookie cutter, a rolling pin, pencil, and a cookie rack.

Step 1: Knead a Piece of Clay.

Take a handful of clay, knead it on one hand. The goal is to get rid of the cracks and wrinkles. You need to work quickly so your clay doesn't start drying out before you can flatten it. Once your clay is smooth, push it down on a flat surface and flatten it to a millimeter thickness with a rolling pin.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Hearts

When your clay is your desired thickness/thinness, cut out a heart shape using your cookie cutter. Let each heart air-dry on a cookie cooling rack. I left it to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Draw an Outline of an Apple

While waiting on your clay hearts to dry, take out the white paper from inside the frame. You may also cut up a white bristol board to a size that will fit inside your frame and use that board in this step. Start drawing a light outline of an apple shape. This will serve as your guide later when you stick the hearts on to the frame. Also draw a stem and a leaf and color it in with colored markers. Return the paper inside the frame.

When your clay hearts completely dry, you can start painting them red individually.

Step 4: Assemble Your Heart Filled Apple

When your paint dries, stick a double sided tape to the back of each heart and tape each of the heats on the frame. Make sure you stay within the apple outline. When all your hearts are in place, you can start writing the names of everyone in the class, 1 name per heart. You might also opt to have each child sign their own name on a heart. Be ready to warm your teacher`s heart when you present him or her with this gift!

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