Introduction: YG-Scanner:Big Holographic 3D Projector by Respberry Pi

About: 3D Scanning/Holographic 3D

We have created 199USD 3D Scanner/Holographic creater;

Normally we have the cell phone size Holographic 3D projector. But the Holographic projecter based on cell phone was too small So we decicde to DIY a big one with PVC, cardboard, respberry Pi 4 and 32 inches LCD

List of Materials:

1Respberry Pi 4/or 3

2 PVC sheet(0.5mm thick layer)

3 Cardboard

4 LCD 32 inches or less size

5 3D Scanner(optional)

Step 1: PVC Cuting

1. Prepare Cutting pattern with Word, and print it with A3 size Paper.

2. Cut the pattern from paper and Cut a thick cardboard with this pattern.

3. Cut PVC board with cardboard pattern.

Step 2: Prepare for a Pyramid

1. Fold the cut PVC board

2. Dig hole in the top area of PVC board

Step 3: Make a Pyramid

1.Connect the boards with screws

2.Make a pyramid and stick the pyrimad to thick cardboard

Step 4: Make Cardboard Structure

1.Prepare a Cardboard box

2.Cut box with knife

Step 5: Make a Projector

1. Make the LCD flat position and connect Respberry Pi to LCD

2. Put the box and PVD pyrimad on the LCD

Step 6: Using 3D Scanner to Scan the Object and Make Holographic Video(optional)

Step 7: Play the Video in Your Projector

Play the video we made with Respberry Pi 4

and enjoy your Holographic 3D! Holographic your things!