Introduction: Big Toilet Paper Roll Letters to Decorate the House

This is a quick and easy project to do with the toilet paper rolls that we (should) recycle, either by throwing them into the appropriate container, or by doing crafts with them!

To make these awesome decor letters, we will need a bunch of TP rolls, white clue, masking tape, and a stenciled letter.

Watch the video, or follow me in the next steps!

Step 1: Glue, Tape, Cover!

The process is as simple as it can get, bear with me here!

First, glue the rolls to the stenciled letter on both sides. They just need to sit on the letter, do not worry if they are not perfectly glued. Why? Because we are going to tape it like we mean it!

Then, the only thing we have to do is to cover it. We can either use thin tissue paper (or silk paper) and glue it with watered down white glue, so it looks wrinkly, or we can also use patterned paper (such as gift wrap) to have a cleaner finish.

There you go! The letter is ready to be displayed!

Show me your results, and let me know how did it go!