Introduction: Halloween Decorations With Glass Jars

Halloween is here, here we have some very quick ideas to decorate the house. You can also do this with your kids, let them have fun!

To make the Jack O’ lantern, we’ll need:

-Orange tissue paper

-Empty jar

-White glue thinned with water (75% glue, 25%water)


-Black paper to make the eyes, nose and mouth of the lantern

All you have to do, is to glue the tissue paper to the jar (the more wrinkles, the better!). Let it dry for a couple of hours, and glue the eyes, nose and mouth to the jar. Simple and effective!

To make the ghost, we need:

-White spray

-Permanent marker

-Empty jar

This is very simple: paint the jar with white spray, let it dry, and paint eyes and mouth to it.

To make the spiderweb, we need:

-A spiderweb template

-A jar -A permanent marker Put the template inside the jar, and use it as a guide to paint the spiderweb on the jar. Isn’t it simple?

To make the bats, we need:

-Stenciled bats

-White glue thinned with water (75% glue, 25%water)

-A cloth

Glue the bats with the white side out. Let it dry, and carefully wipe out the white side of the bats. Alternatively, just stencil bats in black paper and glue them on the jar