Introduction: Big Towelpeg

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A clothespin as a towel holder looks very good visually. The working steps are manageable as well as the material.

You need:

- Wood ( 2 times 11" * 1.2"* 2.4"), soft wood for easier processing

- Wire (rod) ~ 40" depending on how tight the wire is bend, diameter 0,15" (you can choose an smaller diameter if you use Steel, in my case I used brass

- A tube for winding the wire ( 0.6" diameter)

- printed stencil of an clothespin (print as large as you want, I use the maximum length of an DIN-A4 Paper)


- A vice facilitates the bending of the wire

- saw

- wood file

Step 1: Cutting the Wood Into the Right Lenght

Measure the length of the template and saw the wood accordingly. Then use the template and mark the contour from the side.

Step 2: Made the Form

Use a saw to cut the end of the clamp at an angle. Then use a file to make the recesses. Drill a hole in one half to be able to attach the clothespin to the wall later.

Step 3: Bending the Spring

Clamp the wire together with the pipe in a vice and bend the wire around the pipe. Make sure that the wire is tight against the pipe and has a constant pitch. I did not succeed in doing this all the time as you can see in the picture. The spring should be slightly wider than the wood. Insert the spring into the wood and mark the places where the wire has to be bent. Check if the spring fits into the wood pieces and if the clothespin works. This should be done before sanding, so that scratches from testing can be removed afterwards.

Step 4: Sanding and Painting

The wooden parts can be sanded down and prepared for painting. You can skip this step, if you have chosen a nice wood, then the sanding and if you want to oil it is enough.

Step 5: Mounting

Attach the clothespin to the wall. I used double sided tape, but you can also attach it using a screw. There are many other uses such as in the kitchen as a recipe holder, for notes or as a holder for your handbag. I hope you liked the Instructable.

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