Introduction: Big Wheel Ferris Wheel | a K'nex Ball Machine Element

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Hello! Here is an element from my K'nex ball machine Freestyle! It was featured in path 3 where it brought the ball to the white floor at the bottom. I created it because I really wanted to find a use for them wheels! A disadvantage to this was that they were really heavy, so the challenge in building this was to support the rods. This is quite a small 'ible, and a very easy build. Want to build it? Well lets go!

Step 1: Piece Count


  • 34x Green Rod (16mm)
  • 8x White Rod (32mm)
  • 4x Yellow Rod (86mm)
  • 4x Red Rod (128mm)
  • 1x Tan Rod Strengthened (128mm)


  • 3x 8-Slot White Connector
  • 8x 5-Slot Yellow Connector
  • 12x 2-Slot Orange Connector
  • 16x 3-Slot Red Connector


  • 2x Blue Clip
  • 2x Grey Spacer

Total: 94 Pieces

Step 2: Wheel Ball Containers

Just build what you see in the pictures.

Step 3: Rod Supports

Build the parts shown in the pictures. Later on it will all be assembled.

Step 4: Centre and Support Assembly

The pictures guide you through the steps, just build what you see.

Step 5: Wheel Assembly

Attach the wheels as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Finished!

Thank you for reading through this Instructable. I know it was only small, but the instructions are clear. If you have built this, please show me a picture down in the comments! Also tell me what you think of it and what I could do to improve. If you enjoyed this build, please consider subscribing to me, it means lot! I post K'nex Instructables very often. Bye, and have a great day!