Introduction: Bigger Metal Bender

With this Bender You could easily. bend thicker materials.... if you want to bend bigger stock. then use bigger

building materials

Step 1: Tools Need It....and Materials

for this build you need the following tools

pliers, grinder, safety glasses, gloves, work bench, spanners, ear protectors

drill, drill bits, Welding Machine,welding mask, and gloves,

Materials: angle line 4 inches X2

1/2 inch Square metal 30 inches long X 1

1 1/2 inch X 1/2 W X 5mm thick Metal X 2. Cut one end to the Profile of the Ball bearing

1 Bolt 10 or 15 mm thick.

1 Bolt 20 to 25mm thick.

Step 2: The Assembly

One 3 inch wide Ball Bearing. this is what I am using. if you want to bend thicker material then you will need a bigger bearing.

the Handle is made using 1/2x1/2 Square Metal 30 inches long....

on one end cut the tip haft way down so you could place the screw no top like you see on Figure 2

Weld Bolt to handle and clean it...

Make sure to remove the plastic Cover on the ball bearing Both sides and clean it well. remove the grease make sure it is 100% clean

Step 3:

Weld the Two Support pieces to each side of the handle. in the middle of the handle

clean, weld and then weld the whole thing to the ball bearing

Step 4:

Take one piece of angle line drill a hole that will take the biggest Bolt make hole to one side away from the wall of the L angle and place it so the bolt is touching the inside of the bearing as in fig 1

weld it to the inside of the bearing

take the second L angle line drill a hole and place it on top of the bearing making sure the bolt comes out

then weld it to the bearing ON THE INSIDE RING the bearing must be free to spin.

Step 5:

top and bottom L brackets are welded to the bearing and the bearing its free to rotate.

on the biggest bolt the one coming out of the bearing you could put an insert to make clean and bigger bends

on the Bolt that is welded to the handle put a metal sleeve it will rotate as the bend is taking place.