Introduction: Bike Mounted Camera

You have awesome bike skills, don't you? You can pedal faster than anyone, you carve with the best of them, dodge cars and pedestrians like some guy from the Matrix? Well, what are you going to do to show off. Surely you're not content to only amaze those people directly around you, you need to record your skills to share with a greater audience.

Step 1: Obtain the Proper Bike

This works for 1 inch threaded headsets, and best for old ten speeds turned into fixed gears, because thats where most of the threaded headsets are nowadays. Anyway, most of you riding fixed gears are the most eager to show off your skills.
Obtain a reflector mount for the threaded headset, you most likely have one already, and if not, they cost next to nothing.

Remove the reflector, if it had one, and bend it straight.

Note, most of the reflector mounts are aluminum, and do not like being bent. It won't be too strong, but it's not supporting a good deal of weight, so it will work well enough.

Step 2: Add the Camera Mount

A 1/4 inch bolt will hold your camera in place. Pretend its like a tripod, but with two wheels instead of three feet. One nut above and one bellow will keep it secure.

Step 3: Attach Camera

Screw your camera on. Sorry, no pictures, because this instructable involves my camera, i can't take any photos of it without lugging my bike into the bathroom for the mirror. Sorry, not going to take my beautiful bike into a filthy bathroom.

Step 4: Figure Out How to Take Photos, or Video While Ridding.

Your on your own here, its really the hardest part of this, trying to work out for to operate the camera at high speeds. If your lucky enough to have a remote, by all means use it.

Now, take some awesome pictures.

If you ride behind someone, your liable to get a lot of pictures of their ass. If its your girlfriend, it might not matter so much, but there are situations where it might be less favorable.

Step 5: Future Incarnation

Soon to be incorporated, Dollar store tripod. I'm going to try to figure out how to add some utility to this cheap little thing.