Introduction: Bikies

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My first instructable ever!! Bikies are Blinkies on the bicycle wheels, you take a blinkie and tape it to your Bike so when it spins it looks like a ligth circle
Danger: (thanks to buzz_kill): Attach it to your bike properly or you will kill someone! Ideas for xtra safe:
*Tape it with supertape or something like
*solder the led!
*Use superglue or hot glue gun to atach everything on its place
*Dont propel your bike witha a car (grabing a moving car so you get spped without peddaling)

Step 1: What You Need

You need:
*6 button cells (2 ligths up 1led, but 3 makes it more bright)
*2 leds (i used Green but you can use any led)
*Superglue or Hot glue gun (optional) (to attach it better)

Step 2: Make the Circuit

Make the circuit of the trowhie with a switch . for more info search for trowhies in this site
tape the cells and the switch together

Step 3: Put It on Your Bike and Done!!

Atach it to one of your bike wheels so it dosnt touch anytyng else
Make another one and put it in the other whell
You are done!!!!