Introduction: Turn Your Cellphone Into a GameBoy!

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This instructable explains how to play Gameboy / Gameboy Color games in your cellphone, using the software MeBoy (free) and some Gameboy / GBC roms (free if you know where to look for!)

Step 1: Getting Your Stuff

You will need a few things for this instructable.

1. The MeBoy.jar program. get it here:
2. Some Game Boy / GBC roms. I used pokemon gold that you can found here:
3. A Cellphone compatible with java midp2 and conectable to the PC. I used my nokia 5200
4. The lastest version of java:
5. Your cellphone conection cable

Thats It!

Step 2: The What, How and Huh? of Roms

You probably know what a rom is. You don't? Let me explain it. Its like if you downloaded all the contents of a console game cartridge and have it as a file that you can play in your PC with an Emulator, something that resembles the way a videogame console works.

Side Note: Don't you think cartridges are better than CD's? i mean, we could put our games in a memory chip, but we use Cd's. Why? they scratch! and dont make me start talking about reading lasers! so, game CD's and DVD's are like tungsten lightbulbs, everybody uses them and they are old and cause problems!

Step 3: Getting Started.

Downloaded programs.....Check
Unzipped Roms.....Check
Installed last version of java....Check
Cellphone connected to PC.....Check

OK, we can start.
-Open the MeBoyBuilder.jar program and click ADD
-Search for the file of the rom you unzipped in the (kinda crappy) browser
-Add more if you want, using the steps 1 and 2
-Rename them if you want, clicking a game then "rename game"
-Remove them with the remove game button.

When you are done, click "create MeBoy.jar". Dont change the name of the file.

Step 4: To the CellphoneMobile! *insert Catchy Music*

Ok, now all you have to do is to download it to your cellphone. You will notice there are 2 files in the destination folder: MeBoy.jar and meboy.jad.

The reason for this is that some cellphones need the jad file and some do not, so see your user manual or just try uploading the jar file, trying it, and upload the jad in the same folder if it doesn't.

Step 5: How Do I Play?

Its easy to play, but in some cellphones, including my nokia, you'll need to change these settings after entering to the emulator in the cellphone:
-In settings, check Advanced graphics and put "advanced scaling mode" on 1
-uncheck "keep proportions"
-Check "enable sound"

OK now, to the playing part....
go to "start game" and select the ROM you wanna play
PLAY! you can use the options in game (D-Pad center) to go full screen and change the controls.
When you wanna stop playing, go to ingame options and click "suspend" This saves your game!
Quit, and when you want to play again, instead of "new game" click "resume game" and the game suspended.


Step 6: Additional Stuff

There is a list of compatible games and cellphones in the website