Introduction: WolfPack: Large-Dog Carrier


I assembled a system to transport my 65 pound dog, Sasha. This system provides solutions to all the important aspects involved in taking her to the park where I play sports, all in a minimalist, multi-use package.

(1) dog transportation to the park by bike.

(2) Easily anchoring a long leash into the ground so dog won't run away while playing sports

(3) Shade for dog

(4) Entertainment for everyone that sees dog in backpack

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Detailed Procedure

In the video It took 4 minutes to strap her in, usually it only takes 3 minutes.


  • Bag Positioning:
  • lay the cache hauler on the floor
    • lay the duffle bag on the cache hauler
  • Dog Positioning:
  • get dog to sit in duffle bag
    • scootch the dog's butt so it touches the base of the cache hauler (which is vertical in the current orientation)
      • get the dog to lie down (I just pull her front legs cause she doesn't know that command yet)
  • zipper up the duffle bag to the dogs neck
  • Straps:
  • put lashing strap around the dog and the frame of the cache hauler. Make sure to wrap it above and below the crossbars near the top and bottom of the cache hauler, respectively (this keeps it from slipping and loosening while riding, see red arrows in 2nd photo).
    • tilt the cache hauler about 50 degrees up to make sure the dog's butt slides down to rest on the base of the cache hauler.
      • tighten the straps to desired tightness after this step (they should be a little looser before to allow butt sliding)
  • Finish Up:
  • zipper up the top of the duffle bag (in front of dog's face), and roll up excess material and tuck it under the dog's front legs
  • slowly tilt the backpack to vertical while making sure your dog isn't freaking out
    • lift the pack by the top crossbar, using your legs or arms onto one knee (Don't lift with your back!)
      • slide one arm into one shoulder strap
        • then shift the backpack off your knee to get the other arm into a strap.
          • tighten the waste belt
            • get on your bike and go.

Step 3: Park Arrival Deployment

Taking the Pack off:

Method 1 (easier / safer / dorkier)

  • kneel down, and then sit with your butt on the ground and the base of the pack on the ground
    • take your arms out of the straps and scootch away from the backpack while holding it up.
      • slowly tilt the pack to be horizontal

Method 2

  • take your bike helmet off and toss it on the grass
    • get one arm out of a strap
      • reach back over the top of your head until both your hands can grab the packs top crossbar
        • lift it up and and rotate it off of your other arm, onto your knee.
          • slide the pack down your leg onto the ground and lay it flat

Setting your Dog Up:

Setting up the Anchor [1st photo]

  • Remove bike seat (easiest if it's quick release) from bike and twist it into the ground to act as an anchor.
    • do this by putting your hands on the seat and getting in the push-up position to use your body weight
      • Remove the lashing strap from the backpack (blue) and use it as a leash (orange) extension. I tie it to my bike seat anchor.

Setting up Shade [2nd photo]

  • After your dog gets out of the backpack roll up the duffle bag and put it onto the base of the cache hauler's frame, causing the cache hauler to stand up vertically, providing shade.

Happy Dog [3rd and 4th photos]

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