Introduction: Binder Clip Life Hacks

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Ah binder clips. Some of the most versatile office supplies I have ever seen. They really come in handy. Follow along and I'll show you.

Step 1: Painting Hangers

Want to display your artwork but there is nothing to attach to a nail? Hook the binder clip to your masterpeice and hang it on the nail. Your done!

Step 2: Laptop Charger

Sit at you desk a lot with your laptop? Always have to scavenge for you charger on the floor? Well, run your charging cable through the clip and save yourself some frustration!

Step 3: Headphone Holder

Got nice headphones but don't know where to put them? Stick a binder clip on you desk and place you headphones on top.

Step 4: Scissors!

I had no where to put my scissors. So, I attached a binder clip to my lamp and slid the scissors right through. Works like a charm!