Introduction: Binder Clip Buddy

These simple buddy can be used as many things. they can be used as bookmarks, paper weights and more.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following:
Large binder clip
Pipe cleaners(color choice is yours)
piece of round metal(small screw or nut works well)
2 screw anchors
hot glue
googlee eyes

Step 2: Make the Nose

take a pipe cleaner(you may need to) and start to wind it around ONE of the clip handles until you reach the round end. then take another pipe cleaner and twist piece of it the the end of the ring. now when you wind this one go through the ring. once that is on take your piece of metal(im using a nut) and hot glue it on the ring. put the glue on the back so it looks nice.

Step 3: Give Him Hair

now take a pipe cleaner and bend it so a piece of it is on the inside of the black part of the clip then glue it there. then wrap the pipe cleaner through the clip and then glue it when it is done. do this to the front and back then put some glue on the inside to finish it of.

Step 4: I Cant Hear You!

this step is relatively simple. take a screw anchor and put hot glue in the open end. then cut a pipe cleaner in half and put one end of the half into the glue. after wind the pipe cleaner around itself to make a ball shape. do this twice to make 2 ears. you can then slide them on the head in between the two pipe cleaner hairs

Step 5: Last But Not Leats, EYES

these step is the simplest of them all. just glue some googlee eyes to the clip.

Step 6: You Done

now these can be used to save a page or just give some entertainment.