Introduction: Bio-battery Clock

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Bio-battery clock is a science magic where we get energy from waste.

This clock works by a Bio- battery prepared by using the "Paste of banana peels."


Material required:

3 carbon rods,

3 zinc plates

3 small containers


Banana peels

Soldering gun

A clock

Step 1: Making of Your Own Bio Battery

Grind the banana peels in a mixer.

Fill them in 3 containers as shown below.

Step 2: Connect Them in Series

Make Conections As Shown in Picture.

Three cells containing the paste of banana peels are made .

Connect the three cells in series using carbon rods, zinc rods and wires.

The banana peels acts as a acid medium ( electrolyte).

Carbon rod is the positive electrode .

Zinc rod is the negative electrode.

Then connect the ends to the clock .

Step 3: The Clock Works Now.

Hurrah! The clock works.

My battery made from bio -waste is the cheapest and most durable.

Next time you eat bananas , don't throw away the peels , instead make a Bio- battery.

This clock will run for 30 days.

Bio -energy: Energy which we get from Agriculture waste .

SO, lets convert all our agriculture waste into energy and reuse them.

Step 4: The Exhibit

I have exhibited my project in my school science exhibition.

Thank you. "Lets convert all the Trash into Treasure".

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