Bionicle Toa Nuva Costume

Introduction: Bionicle Toa Nuva Costume

Bionicle Toa Nuva Bodyplace Awesome look. Awesome I like it

Step 1: Tools Need

spray paint

Red & Yellow Carft Foam

Cardboad Box

Red Jewels

Step 2: Tutorial Patterns

Cut a Patterns

Step 3:

Bionicle Toa Nuva Bodyplace Tutorial hangout are Done

Step 4: Bulid Bionicle Belt

1.Black Fabric

Step 5: Bionicle Boots

1.Black Boots

2. Orange and Red Paint

3. Red Craft Foam

Step 6: Finish Your Costume

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for including a pattern in your first Instructable :)