Introduction: Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt's Broadsider/Mauser Pistol Replica

For my Booker DeWitt cosplay project, I wanted an authentic "Broadsider" pistol to complete the look alongside my replica Skyhook.

On closer inspection of the pistol used in the game, I was surprised at the amount of small details that the game developers changed from the "real-world" Mauser. It appears to be some hybrid of the C96 and the M712 Schnellfeuer variants, along with specific game-related modifications.

Probably the most obviously noticable features are the magazine release lever, which resembles that from a Thompson SMG, and the ribbed magazine-well, which serves no purpose other than decoration.

Step 1: Finding Useful Source Images

Thankfully there were a few source images to work from that were readily available on the internet, showing all the modifications that we would need to do.

Step 2: Materials Required

For this project, we will need:

Toy Mauser
Plastruct/Plasticard 2mm sheet, A5 size, x1
Plastruct/Plasticard 6.4mm round rod, x1
Plastruct/Plasticard 4mm square rod, x3
Plastruct EMA Plastic Weld Cement (Liquid)
Plastic Filler Paste
Plastic Primer Aerosol
Dremmel Electric Tool for detail sanding/shaping
Abrasive Sanding Paper (400/600/1200)
Metallic Gunmetal Grey Aerosol Paint
Brown Aerosol Paint
Small Paintbrushes

Step 3: Finding a Base Model to Build On

Here in the UK we now have extremely strict laws regarding the sale of toy/replica guns. Years ago you could find toy guns that were reasonably realistic or accurate, but not now. Again, the internet comes to our rescue, I sourced this one from overseas for not much money.

This particular model was a full size replica (good start), also it had a battery-powered motion feature which made the top slide move back and forth when you pulled the trigger.

On the minus side, it also had a rather cliched sound feature which was more like "pew-pew" lazer guns, along with LED lights along the top slide and inside the magazine. Fantastic if you're 5 years old, not so good for our purposes here, but easy to remove or adapt for our requirements.

Step 4: Dismantling the Gun

These toys are usually easy to work with, the majority of them are held together with tiny screws. Simply remove them, but importantly remember to photograph the inside before going any further, I guarantee you will forget how to reassemble it, and the photo will come to your rescue later.

At this stage, you can throw away the gold bullets, but keep the clear casing pieces.

Again, because I did not want the sound feature, I cut the wires for the small speaker, and applied tape over the loose wires.

I kept the clear bullet shape part, this would be used later on for the barrel.

Step 5: Modifying the Casings

Because the gun in the game has a distinctive slide assembly, we will use the round plastic rod to recreate that. Using the Dremmel tool, extend the groove that runs along the slide assembly so that the rods will sit flush into them.

Then you can use filler or "chemical metal" to bond them in place.

Also fill the round hole in the firing hammer, as the game gun show a solid one.

Then use a small piece of plasticard to blank out the holes where the speaker was (if you wish to keep the sound feature then skip this step)

Step 6: Modifying the Casings Further

Use the Dremmel tool to remove the surplus castings on both sides. Be careful not to remove too much as the plastic is thin here, and you will make a hole easily. Just repair any mistakes later on, when at the filling stage.

Glue/bond the clear magazine sides in place, these will act as a base for the ribbed parts later on.

Step 7: Creating the Extended Magazine

The gun in the game has several "extensions", most noticably the magazine drops below the normal point, so we will use the plasticard to reproduce this.

Simply make a box, hold it in place with double-sided tape (not glue at this stage), and use a file and abrasive paper to shape it to the gun.

Step 8: Creating the Ribbed Sides

Just shape the flat plasticard and glue three lengths of the square rod on, to create these sides. Make sure that they do not touch the slide assembly to interfere with the movement of it.

Step 9: Create the Magazine Release Lever

Sketch out the shape onto paper, check for size and accuracy on the gun, then transfer it onto the plasticard and cut/shape etc. Add the lever flat plate by using two small parts of the square rod, and file to shape.

Glue the lever onto the side of the gun, then add the other small details like the lever's round pin, and also the safety slide lever.

Step 10: Create the Other Small Detail Parts

The main slide assembly need a square section to replace where the clear plastic bullet-shape was before, just use three pieces of the square rod, glue together and shape it to fit.

The round rods that run along the side assembly will need an end-plate, again just use the flat plasticard to create a shape for this.

Make sure that when the slide assembly moves along its full length that the end-plate does not hit anything to prevent the full movement.

Step 11: Re-assemble the Main Body, Attach the Parts, and Extend Wiring

So now you can re-assemble the gun (except the slider), and glue the parts to it.

You will also need to extend the wiring for the LEDs, we will tape the two together and they will live inside the gun barrel.

Take the clear plastic bullet-shape part, remove the flange from it so that it will fit inside the front of the gun barrel, put the part in backwards so that the front of it goes in first (see the photo). This will amplify the LED lights and also add thickness to the gun barrel.

I also reduced the length of the barrel by 20mm at the gun body end, as I felt it was too long when compared to the gun in the game.

Step 12: Re-assemble the Slider and Test It All Fully

So now you can re-assemble the slide onto the gun, and test everything works properly and does not fall apart with vibration from the movement feature of the gun.

Test, test, test!

Make sure everything is 100% secure and attached properly before going any further.

If something falls off, re-glue or use more filler/bonding.

Step 13: Fill All the Gaps, Smooth, Then Primer Coat

Spend time here for a good final result. Use plastic filler paste to smooth over the gaps etc.

Then spray using Plastic Primer, several light coats is always better than one heavy coat.

Take time to let each coat dry fully, before adding another.

Then use the fine abrasive paper to smooth it all down before moving on to the paint stage.

Step 14: The Final Step... Paint

So when you are ready, apply the gunmetal grey paint, then maybe some light dusting of satin black over it to give depth, and also brown paint for the wooden handles, ad some streaking to that by "drybrushing", dip a small brush into black paint and gently drag across the surface to add effect.

Your gun is now ready, go give 'em hell!

Video: Video of gun working

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