Introduction: Wood Advent Calendars

These are advent calendars with 1/2” birch drawers

Step 1: The Build

I started by deciding how tall i wanted these to be. The total height is about 30” . The base i made is about 10” tall by 11” wide with the drawers being about 4” deep. Then i just made the middle and face pieces a little smaller. Most of the drawers are about 2 1/2” wide. I started by building the boxes, then putting the shelves, trying to keep each chamber the same size. I cut the backs of the boxes to fit flush inside the box, so ttake that into count when building your drawers.Then i cut out all the drawer pieces so that the face of the drawers closed flush with box front. I put each drawer together with wood glue and 1” Brad nails. I painted everything a dark brown color first, then added the green for the grinch and white for the snowman. Once they dried i scuffed it up a little with 80 grit sandpaper to give them a weathered look. I ordered some cool looking metal date plates and nailed them to face of each drawer. These also double as the drawer pulls. I printed the grinch face on and used plastic buttons for the snowman faces. I carved the snowman nose out of a dowel with my dremel tool, and drilled a little hole the same size and glued it on. The entire project was built off of 1/2” birch plywood! After i nailed the circle date plates on i had to use a pair on pliers to break of the nail from the inside of the drawers because it stuck through about 1/2”.

Tools I used were:
Table saw
Brad nailer with 1” Brad nails
Wood glue