Introduction: Game of Thrones Christmas Tree

How to make a Game of Thrones iron throne xmas tree

Step 1: Making the Tree


$3 wire frame from dollar store
3 foam boards from dollar store
100 ct white LED lights from dollar store
24 gauge copper wire (just for the handles of the swords to give it a little detail)
Spray paint and exacto knife
50 ft garland strand

I wrapped the tree with the garland, securing it with fishing line. Then i took it outside and painted the entire thing black. And the lights once the tree dries

Next i made the top to look like the back of the iron throne... i cut out a sword blade and used it as a template to cut out 10 or so blades which i glued together to form the top piece. Then cut out 3 sword handles, wrapped then with the copper wire, glued then on and spray painted the entire thing black. The wire kinda gave the entire thing a more realistic look to me but you can skip that part. When it dried i hand painted a light coat of silver metallic over the entire top piece.

Next i cut out the sword blades that went into the base of the tree. I cut a few different sizes from small to big so that they stayed true with the shape of the tree.

Next i download a Stark Wolf template and cut it out of foam board, painted it and attached it to the top.

Now i made the shield “winter is coming” ornament out of foam board and cut a small sword handle and glued it on to represent the T and give it a 3D look.