Introduction: Clay Haunted Tree House

How to make a spooky haunted tree house using clay

Step 1: Making the Body

I used 1 two liter coke bottle and 1 20oz bottle.
1. Cut the 2liter bottle in half then cut the bottoms of each bottle and save the one off the smaller bottle.
2. Cut the remains of the 2 liter bottle in half vertically, and glue them together to make One of the towers.
3. Using the piece you just glued and the 20oz bottle, glue them onto the large bottle to form the towers.
4. Next build windows, doors, and the roofs out of tin foil and hot glue them to the bottles.
5. Next i cut and shaped wire hangers to form the tree trunks, limbs and the chimney and hot glued them to the bottles.
6. Now i covered the base of what’s going to be the tree with tin foil. It gives it kind of a bark look when you put clay over it. Then i wrapped all the wire tree trunks, limbs and chimney with foil.
7. Now i turned the bottom part of the 20oz bottle that should be saved, upside down and glued it to the tree base. This will be the spooky pumpkin.

Step 2: Time to Clay

I used DAS modeling clay. It doesn’t shrink and crack when it dries like most of the other clays.
I started with the biggest areas first and saved the smaller detail areas for last. Took me an hour or so. I made the creepy door last, and used a couple pieces of hanger wire on the back side to give it support then attached it to the tree.
Let it dry for 24hrs

Step 3: Paint

I used just basic acrylic paint.
I started by painting the entire thing melted chocolate. It gave it a nice dark base to work with. I painted the pumpkin orange, used some white, orange and sliver for the towers and a grey metallic for the roofs. Once it dried i added a fairy house LED light to the inside.

Step 4:

Step 5: