Introduction: Bird Feeder

This a quick way to make a bird feeder without complicating things.This bird feeder is easy to make and useful to .

Step 1: Step 1:Materials

Glue gun ,paper plate,scissors,plastic bottle,string,and 2 plastic spoons

Step 2: Step 2:Prep the Materials

Make 2 holes on the plastic bottle going all the way through.Then insert the plastic spoons.

Then take the bottle cap and make a hole in the middle of it.Make the string go trough the hole and tie a knot

Step 3: Step 3:Finishing Touch

Get the bottle and glue gun the bottom of it and put it in the center of the paper plate.Finally put the bird food in and put the cap on and your done you made a quick ans simple bird feeder.

* I didn't have bird food*