Introduction: Bird Feeder and Camera Holder

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As animal lover was always fascinated to capture with my camera pets but also wild animals. The last one is not easy, because most wild animals are not used to come in contact with humans and spend their time hidden.

For this reason i decided to make a bird feeder with with an integrated action camera holder, which will be used to film the birds and capture some moments of rare bird spieces at the forests.

For this project you will basically need a 3D pen, fillament, duct tape and optionally a silicon stencil.


3D pen Amazon

Filament compatible with your 3D pen

Duct tape

3D Pen Silicone template (optional) Amazon

Step 1: Making the Bird Feeder

The bird feeder is actually a 8 x 8 cm lattice box. Using your 3D pen make the patterns seen on the pictures, the left and right side should be made as seen on the fourth picture. Both front and back sides are made to have an opening, see fifth picture.

The purpose of the front openig is to let the bird easilly acess the food and the back opening is made to house the camera holder.

The bottom of the box must be solid in order to hold the food.

Join the parts together and you have already made your feeder box!

Step 2: Making the Camera Holder

The camera holder is a frame that wraps firmly the camera and holds it in place. Depending on your camera you intend to use, make a holder that fits on your camera.

Before creating the holder cover you camera case with duct tape, this protects the camera from the melted plastic and ensures a faster separation from the camera.

Step 3: Put Feeder and Holder Together

Join camera holder and feeder box with your 3D pen, pay attention that the view angle of the camera holder is the desired before you put the parts together.

Optionally you can add stabilizing "legs" on bottom of the box under the camera holder, as seen on the last picture.

For safety reasons always secure the feeder with a twine or cord to prevent falling from height. For the same reason you should also secure the camera, i made a hole on the bottom of the holder and placed a wire to hold the camera in place.