Introduction: Smoke Detector Mount Bracket Repair

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In this instructable i m showing how to repair the broken mount bracket of your smoke detector with the help of a 3D pen.

Smoke detectors have a long life but some parts of their mounting brackets break if the detector is not carefully removed during battery replacement. A spare part is at most cases umpossible to find, so you have to stick it to the ceiling with duct tape, which is not aesthetic beautiful, or you have to buy a new one.

During the lock down i decided to find a way to get rid of the duct tape solution and repair the broken mounting bracket, here is how...


3D pen

Step 1: Remove the Smoke Detector

First of all you have to remove the smoke detector and the mount bracket and locate the broken part. Usually there are two hooks on the mounting bracket holding the detector, in my case one of them was broken as seen on the second picture.

Step 2: Repairing the Hook

I reconstructed the broken hook with a 3D pen and reinforced the hook on the other side to prevent a future failure.

I tried some times until the 3D printed hook was strong enough to hold the detector and at the right shape to fit at the securing slot on the mountig bracket, so don't give up if the desirable result is not achieved from the first try.

Step 3: Reinstalling the Detector

If the hook is successfully reconstructed and is strong enough to hold the smoke detector you can install the mounting bracket on the ceiling and then screw the smoke detector.

That was it, the detector is for more than two weeks in place and i hope that it will hold for a long time.